About us

Combining true evolution with striking design, RK Interiors focuses its efforts in high-end bathrooms, luxurious contemporary kitchens & boujee bedrooms. The story begins with dimensions and the mapping out of your chosen room, to the creation of your custom project and finally implementing and fitting your dream space. Our experienced and award winning in-house interior design team strive to deliver you the very best in todays standards. Whether it’s a Victorian, Vintage, Rustic, Modern or Traditional feel you crave, RK Interiors will help you bring your vision to life with a complete one-to-one 4d Virtual Working of your actual space.

Put your feet up, relax and enjoy as your dream space comes to life.

Step 1

Survey and Dimensions

Our experienced design team will make a site visit to survey and talk over your ideas and options. Dimensions & measurements will also be taken.

Step 2

Project Design

Using Virtual Worlds 4D technology, the RK Interiors design team will get to work on a virtual portrayal of your dream space ideas. We will then schedule another visit to show you your transformation project where we can make any alteration you feel appropriate.

Step 3


Upon your approval, we will schedule a fitting time and move to order every aspect of your project and prepare for step 4, install.

Step 4


Time to make your dreams a reality. Our quality fitters will work their magic and create your ideal space.